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General FAQs

Building Transformation do not provide a price per square meter, each project is assessed and priced specifically to the building envelope, soiling patterns, type and depth, we adjust methods and processes to suit the substrate condition

We aim to provide a budget quote within 48 hours of a google earth consultation with the Survey.

A detailed and building specific quote will be supplied within 7 working days of completing a site survey.

Yes, we will look at project in where around the UK, we are client portfolio driven and build relationships through delivering maximum value on their property portfolio.

Head office is based in Bedfordshire where all initial enquiries are taken and processed for surveying and costing.

At Building Transformation we follow a process of best practice in order to ensure consistency and a high level of customer service. After an initial free 15 minute phone consultation with a senior survey we would discuss surveying your property and undertaking detail façade cleaning test trails at your site.

Yes we have 17 years of expertise and experience on cleaning and restoring both Grade 1, 2 and 2* listed buildings and our working standards follow BS 8221-1: 2012 Code of Practice for Cleaning and Surface Repair of Buildings and BS 7913-1 1998 Guide to the Principles of the Conservations of Historic Buildings. We take a minimal intervention and conservation based approach to cleaning and restoration buildings.

Building Transformation are not Structural engineers and sadly do not undertake any building of new dwellings or extensions, we specialising in cleaning and restoring existing buildings and undertake minor repairs.

Yes, we have a very flexible team and can arrange weekend surveys and works.

We have successful worked on projects that have been subject to section 20, we understand the process and have the expertise in house to assist with these requirements and restrictions.

Building Transformation have a range of products and methods that are tried and tested for removing paint from a range of facades. Budget prices are not supplied for paint removal enquiries. We would have to attend site and undertake testing in order to establish the paint type, the number of layers of paint on the surface and the best method for achieving your desired finish.

We are able to work with our clients and offer maintenance programmes for Building Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Gutter Clearing, Full arrest testing, and roof clearing and inspections.

Building Transformation do not use a sandblaster, we using a slightly different process which is a much more delicate solution that will not damage the patina of your façade but provides the same finish as sandblasting.

We are always happy to be contacted with tender opportunitie.

Building transformation are able to offer cleaning and restoration services via a range of access solutions, including Ropes, Scaffolding, MEWPS and cradles.

Any enquiries or requests for technical information and assistance can be emailed over to which is monitored and will be picked up and responded to within 24 hours.

All of our site operatives hold active and relevant training cards and are working towards NVQ L2 & 3 façade cleaning and preservation training under CITB, plus IPAF, PAZMA, CSCS, SSSTS, SMSTS (depending on experience) and are subject to 3rd party Health and Safety inspections ensuring we always uphold and maintain the highest level of professionalism and safety when working on a customer building/site.

Technical FAQs

– We can definitely help to clean and identify the stone on your building. It’s very important to understand the type of stone that has been used in your façade, or you risk using methods that aren’t suitable and may damage the material. If we know your address and have pictures of the property, we can generally identify which type of stone has been used. In addition to this, a site visit and test trials will help to confirm the details.

In general, stone is a porous soft façade material and requires a sensitive method to ensure that it is cleaned in the right approach and avoids the damage that can be caused through sand-blasting and abrasive methods. The correct method for cleaning needs to be selected carefully, through the use of test trials and undertaken by cleaning specialists. Any damage to the building skin that is caused by aggressive methods may cause permanent damage.

At Building Transformation we believe in sensitively restoring and breathing new life in to your façade. Utilising the correct sensitive cleaning methods can help to uplift the appearance of the façade. In many cases, no cleaning or maintenance has been undertaken for many years which leads to a build-up of surface and ingrained soiling which would require an abrasive and damaging method to fully remove. The best way to ensure that the façades appearance and performance is as good as possible, is to regular undertake the cleaning and maintenance of those areas. The regular cleaning can become part of a buildings pre-planned maintenance schedule and will help to avoid costly issues in the future.

The only way to really understand and create clarity over the results that can be achieved through sensitive cleaning, is to undertake pre-project test trials. The Building Transformation testing van is a one of a kind testing unit that is designed to undertake test trials without the need for power and water, allowing us to access any location. These tests will assess the correct methods needed to sensitively clean the façade, whilst also helping you to understand the final result and costs.

Every building and façade is different. The only way to gain an accurate cost is through understanding the specific problems associated with the façade, such as the access needed to reach all areas of the building, when the façade was last cleaned and the type of soiling that is present. When these are combined with building a contextual understanding of the finish the client wants to achieve, we can then start to accurately understand the costs required. The best way to fully and accurately cost the project, is through test trials.

When considering cleaning stone or any type of material, it’s important to know what the material is, the type of soiling that is to be removed and the result that you wish to achieve. Once all those details are known, we can then plan the best approach and methods to sensitively clean and restore the façade. Throughout the projects we utilise, steam cleaners, poultices and other methods that are designed to sensitively breathe new life in to the façade.

With any project that involves cleaning and repairs of the same façade and areas, it’s very important that the cleaning phase happens first. This is to ensure that once the repairs occur, the correct colour of repair mortar, replacement material or repointing is chosen. Otherwise you risk colour matching the repairs to a dirty surface, leaving the façade looking like a patchwork quilt once it has been cleaned.

It’s very tempting to use a pressure washer when cleaning stone or any type of material, as it can be seen as a short term cheap option. However, this approach carries lots of risk and can damage the surface you are cleaning, by removing the top layers of the material skin. In doing so, you open up the inner pores of the material and expose the softer inner core to further weathering and soiling. In general you will find that the façade will then become dirtier much quicker, and the surface erode at an accelerated rate, leaving you with higher rectification costs in the future.

As with using a pressure washer, it’s tempting to use an acid to clean your façade as it can be quicker, cheaper and may provide a ‘new’ appearance for the façade. However, the acid will actually cause even more damage and will permanently scar the building surface, once again causing permanent irreversible damage and leading to higher costs in the long term.

The best way to accurately understand how long any project will take, is through onsite cleaning test trials. The Building Transformation testing van is a one of a kind testing unit that is designed to undertake test trials without the need for power and water, allowing us to access any location. These tests will assess the correct methods needed to sensitively clean the façade, whilst also helping you to understand the final result, how long it will take and the costs.


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