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Removing paint from stone or brick façades

Paint removal from stone or brick façades can be a difficult process. Cracked, fading, and damaged paintwork on the exterior of a building creates more than just a problem with its image. Layers of paint can prevent bricks from being able to ‘breathe’. This encourages the onset of damp, erosion, and cracks in the building… Read More

Choosing the best cleaning solution for your stone building

Over time, every building starts showing the effects of age and pollution. Keeping your building looking immaculate for the sake of your business, to preserve history, or to ensure the health of your building requires proper maintenance and care; that’s why it’s crucial to choose a sensitive cleaning solution for your stone building. Doing so… Read More

Common problems with old stone or brick façades

Historic and listed buildings are charming, beautiful, and often hold decades of history behind their walls. That’s why maintaining the external fabric of a listed or historic building is extremely important. Taking care of these buildings is part and parcel of a contribution to the preservation of their history, as well as maintaining a safe… Read More

Most common causes of brick decay

Bricks deteriorating and decaying can be a serious concern for a building’s safety and integrity. The older the building, the more you may need to worry about the state of your brickwork and understanding what causes brick decay, spalling and damage, can be the first step in preventing it. Brick restoration is possible in many… Read More

Why you shouldn’t paint your brick façade

The exterior of a building is paramount in creating its first impression. If your building is looking old and tired, then you may be considered painting the brickwork for a new and refreshed appearance. Painting your brick façade may seem like an easy and effective solution for bringing a fresher look to the building envelope,… Read More

Considerations before restoring stone and brick

Before you undertake a project to restore your stone or brick building there are many things that you should take into consideration. We’ve put together a checklist for you to make sure that you not only choose the correct services but so that you can receive the correct solution too 1. The age of your building… Read More


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