Conservation Cleaning & Restoration of Heritage Buildings, Period Properties and Stately Homes

Sensitive Cleaning, Paint Removal, Repairs, Lime Repointing & Redecoration.

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    Pre-project cleaning test trials

    Test trials for internal paint removal

    Specialist Façade Cleaning, Masonry Repairs and External Refurbishment for Sandstone, Limestone, Bricks and Terracotta

    Period properties hold an important place in our built environment, and their preservation and maintenance can be challenging for those who own and manage them. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and more; we have the solutions you need to keep your period home looking beautiful. We work in line with the philosophy of Historic England, helping period properties and historic buildings live into the 21st century. With as minimal intervention as possible we use techniques that are in line with the building’s history and its performance needs for the future because conservation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. We are completely conservation-driven in both our philosophy and our approach to masonry cleaning and building restoration. “Conservation is the process of managing change to a significant place or building, how best to maintain its values, whilst recognising opportunities to reveal or reinforce these values for present and future generations” (Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance 2015).

    We are specialists in stone cleaning, façade restoration, masonry repairs and conservation for all types of period property. We provide a end to end solutions so that your precious property and its structure can be restored and maintained for generations to come. Our detailed building façade condition surveys and building cleaning test trials ensure your masonry cleaning and building repair project is built from solid restoration foundations, creating much greater certainty with the building restoration process.

    e are always keen to understand why you are looking to restore your building façade; this enables us to build a clear vision of how we can both help you and work with any listed, conservation or planning restrictions. Our expertise lies in the external façade cleaning, brick repairs and repointing, and full façade restoration inclusive of traditional roofing, leadworks and external decorations for listed properties.

    Our 21st Century approach drives all our activities; we help future proof the built environment and property investments.


    Benefits include:

    • Façade cleaning, detailed masonry and faience restoration.
    • Specialist sensitive cleaning for stone cleaning and brick.
    • Paint removal on building façades.
    • Paint removal on building façades.
    • Steel frame cathodic protection.
    • Masonry, stone and façade repairs.
    • Traditional roofing and leadwork, using slate and lead.
    • Installation of traditional rainwater and guttering systems.
    • Sash window repair and decoration.
    • Installation of internal lime plasters and renders.
    • Specialist decorations such as gilding and lime washing.
    • Installation of bird deterrents.

    Façade cleaning or refurbishment on both listed and heritage properties should be undertaken by technical and conservation specialists who value and understand the building fabric. We often find that a number of different projects need to be undertaken to restore, restabilise and refurbish the building façade back to its original state. Before starting any project, we work with the client to ensure all the correct planning regulations are in place, conservation guidelines and all relevant BS standards have been observed and understood before moving forward with the project. We undertake specialist façade cleaning test trials to bring the project to life, to help validate, build a business case, increase certainty and alignment for the project team and the client. We help give the project deeper foundations in a transparent and open framework.

    Our approach:

    We achieve our excellent results using steam cleaning (also known as ‘super-heated water cleaning’ ) techniques. Water is heated to an extremely high temperature – up to 155ºC at times.

    Together with a targeted nozzle, this encourages the unwanted material and pollution on the façade to decompose, while the building itself is cleaned.

    This form of extreme heated water is a gentle form of cleaning which doesn’t cause damage to the exterior of the property.


    Building Transformation’s unquestionable honesty and enthusiasm for ensuring the client receives the correct whole-life solution (rather than a quick fix) resulted in us being able to ensure the building was not only returned to its former glory, but will stay that way for years to come. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Kenny Gash - Carillion Amey

    The work provided by Building Transformation was excellent. Their product and building exteriors knowledge is detailed, comprehensive and practically applied to the client’s needs. They offer a professional, detailed, high-quality and customer- focused service which meets the short, medium and long-term needs of the client, and provides practical, cost-realistic advice.

    Kerry Quinn - Echo Arena

    Customer service is paramount to Building Transformation and they invested vast amounts of time in providing me with a programme to facilitate what was a very complex and time-specific programme of work for the site. The quality and level of support provided by Building Transformation is priceless to any client/contractor.

    Marc Blow MCIOB MBIFM - Carillion Amey

    The approach and advice on setting up the works at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre were first-class. Building Transformation’s attention to detail was excellent and the RAMS were followed meticulously to every detail. We were delighted with the works and service, and would not hesitate to use them again, nor hesitate to recommend them to any organisation.

    Kevin Egginton - Wolverhampton Council

    A 200,000 sq. ft., four-storey leisure venue in the heart of Nottingham city centre surrounded by major traffic routes needed work to be done overnight to deal with the traffic issues, while the site remained open throughout. The project took around three weeks to complete and went exceptionally well; the Building Transformation staff were flexible and able to work round dynamic operational issues. The clean was of a high standard and has made a significant different to the image of the building. A very difficult job done well.

    Suzanne Green - Land Securities

    May & Co have worked with Building Transformation on a number of projects which have included external building cleaning and refurbishment. They provided a great service, supported by the high level of documentation from the initial quotation to books and industry-related guidance, all relevant to our project.

    Anton Theobald - May & Co

    I am very satisfied in the manner the job was conducted. Also the level of cleaning provided and attention to detail is much appreciated.

    Waqas Bin Tahir - Ibis Southampton

    I am using Building Transformation’s work to help justify façade restoration works around our business. They have produced excellent presentations on what can be achieved and is a brilliant piece of informed marketing that is helping slowly win people over in our business to take façade cleaning and restoration more seriously.

    Needless to say Building Transformation is a name that is now becoming known and respected.

    Simon Attwood - Broadgate Estates Ltd.

    Building Transformation gave great communication throughout our projects.
    It will be my pleasure to recommend Building Transformation.

    Sarah Cameron - My Hotels Group

    Just signed off the job with Richard. Myself, the bosses and the tenant all are very pleased with the work. It definitely looks rejuvenated just a case of painting the concrete window surrounds in the new year to finish it off. Have found your company and staff very professional and helpful which has facilitated a project with minimal inconvenience and disruption to our in situ tenants.

    Mark Hollinshead - Headruddy Property Development

    I had a walk around today with Dave and am impressed with the work so far. Dave and the team have done a great job.

    I’d certainly love to work with you in the future so perhaps before the job is completed we could look at what opportunities there are for the future.

    Marie Green - Novotel Sheffield

    At this stage, from my point of view your team has been extremely professional, informing us of what was happening at all times and most importantly no disruption whatsoever to our guests and business.

    Ludovic Verzi - Novotel Leeds

    We are very satisfied in the manner the job was conducted. The operatives on site were very professional and communicated to us at all times.

    Maria Pinana Mateu - Science Museum

    The team at Building Transformation understood our challenge of finding a facade cleaning solution that would initially restore the glazing to its original state, protecting our building for years to come. Through intelligent and thorough testing right through to the full restoration of Block D, we have been very satisfied with the project management and delivery of the cleaning programme.

    Colin Pilkington - Renaker Build Limited

    Thank you for all the work that you carried out in cleaning the outside of our school. We are delighted with the results. You have managed to completely remove heavy staining from many areas around the building.

    We found you extremely easy to work with: your quote was reasonable, you carried out the work quickly and you were very flexible in terms of timings.

    Tamsin Griffith - Courtney Road Primary School, Bristol

    have worked with Building Transformation on several projects within the hospitality industry and have found
    them to provide high levels of professionalism and workmanship.


    e will definitely be working with you again! Your engineers were very polite and accommodating every time they visited site and have done a first class job. I will be recommending Building Transformation to everyone!

    Mark Healy - One Facility

    BT Pre-project Testing Process

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    Expert Technical Advice

    A Unique Guide ON How To Restore And Protect Building Skins

    Whether it’s a technical façade condition inspection, specialist advice, façade cleaning test trials and specification development, the delivery of a building cleaning project within a challenging access environment or a full building refurbishment project with ongoing going façade management strategies to maximise your ROI, we can help.

    32 Case Studies

    Before and After Cleaning

    A simple photographic reference guide to help you visualise your building material and the solutions required to restore it with care and sensitivity. These case studies have been selected to help you identify your building material, soiling issues and the potential solutions available to you. Using our ‘before and after’ images, you can visualise your own building following similar treatment.

    Our Philosophy

    21st Century Façades: Breathing Life into Urban Landscapes

    The urban environment has changed enormously since the majority of building maintenance concerns were focused on more traditional masonry structures, materials, pollution levels, weather patterns – even the height of most buildings are completely different to a hundred years ago. This book illustrates how Building Transformation’s methods breathe new life, energy and vitality into building skins and cities.