We provide building maintenance services tailored to your building fabric, climate and budget. Our unique range of solutions help you manage, protect and maintain your building envelope from the roof down to the ground.

From water ingress, roof issues, gutter leaks, masonry repairs window gasket inspects, painting or thermal imaging surveys, our practical, cost effective solutions help you avoid expensive future repairs.

If your building is challenging to access, or your maintenance problem is complex, we provide tailored, practical advice on how to tackle the challenge.

We help you secure the long term future of your building.

Paint Removal for Brick and Stone

If you are looking for a site-specific solution to sensitively remove built up layers of paint from your building façade contact us today

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Paint Removal for Stone and Brick

Sensitive Chemical Façade Cleaning

Learn more about our expert building cleaning using sensitive chemical methods to target stubborn staining.

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Chemical Façade Cleaning


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Façade Cleaning & Restoration

A complete building façade cleaning and repair solution. Sensitive, non-abrasive cleaning solutions to help restore and increase the lifespan of your building.

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Building Cleaning & Restoration

Stone and Brick Restoration

Learn more about our sensitive, non-abrasive and conservation-driven approach to restoring your stone or brick façade.

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Stone and Brick Cleaning

Render Cleaning and Protection

Learn more about our sensitive render sanitisation, cleaning, repairs, painting and protection solutions.

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Render Cleaning and Painting

Soft Abrasive, Aggregate and Low Pressure Sandblast Cleaning

Learn more about our sandblasting and specialist aggregate façade cleaning and paint removal solutions.

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Sandblasting and Aggregate Cleaning

‘Super-heated water’ steam cleaning

The use of super heat steam to clean and restore masonry, render, concrete or modern architectural cladding buildings is very effective. The light and sensitive façade cleaning method delivers constant and uniform results whilst ensuring the patina of the building envelope is maintained for the future.

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‘Super-Heated Water’ Steam Cleaning