Façade Skins


The Influential ‘skin’ of our Urban Landscapes

Façades are highly complex structures; nowadays they are almost a statement of artistic swank rather than a key performing component that fundamentally influences how the building functions.
Façade Skins

Today’s façades reflect commercial intent, push design boundaries, change environments and showcase engineering capabilities. Are modern day façades merely used as a tool to showcase design progression and engineering egos? Are we considering the façade skin and the role it plays in influencing the urban landscapes of our future?

With so much emphasis placed on the initial phases of concept and design & construction with little thought or consideration given to how the architectural intent and design will be protected, I feel that there needs to be a fundamental shift in thinking. A more holistic and long-term view would demonstrate how these assets will deliver in line with design expectations. However this ideal solution is not generally congruent with those that own the building; the context is far more focused around commercial returns and not the building fabric’s condition, performance or its influence on the surrounding environment.


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