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Sustainable Façades

Steel came to replace the more brittle iron, both of which were favoured as they allowed greater spans than masonry. The use of steel has continued to be popular as buildings have grown larger, due to its strength, resistance to degradation, and its ease of use in construction.

Passive Solar Façade Design

As transmission of electromagnetic radiation is often at the root of the challenge in highly glazed buildings, the difficulties and solutions can be largely determined by one factor – latitude. The latitude determines the sun path, which in turn determines the solar irradiation received by the façade, and, depending on the local environment, when and… Read More

Future façades

As the global economy tries to recover from its last dip, huge investments are being made in the construction industry, both in established and emerging markets. It’s anticipated that the volume of construction output will grow by more than 70% to achieve an annual worth of $15 trillion worldwide by 2025 (Source: Global Construction Perspectives… Read More

Façade Skins

Today’s façades reflect commercial intent, push design boundaries, change environments and showcase engineering capabilities. Are modern day façades merely used as a tool to showcase design progression and engineering egos? Are we considering the façade skin and the role it plays in influencing the urban landscapes of our future? With so much emphasis placed on… Read More

Expert Technical Advice

A Unique Guide ON How To Restore And Protect Building Skins

Whether it’s a technical façade condition inspection, specialist advice, façade cleaning test trials and specification development, the delivery of a building cleaning project within a challenging access environment or a full building refurbishment project with ongoing going façade management strategies to maximise your ROI, we can help.

32 Case Studies

Before and After Cleaning

A simple photographic reference guide to help you visualise your building material and the solutions required to restore it with care and sensitivity. These case studies have been selected to help you identify your building material, soiling issues and the potential solutions available to you. Using our ‘before and after’ images, you can visualise your own building following similar treatment.

Our Philosophy

21st Century Façades: Breathing Life into Urban Landscapes

The urban environment has changed enormously since the majority of building maintenance concerns were focused on more traditional masonry structures, materials, pollution levels, weather patterns – even the height of most buildings are completely different to a hundred years ago. This book illustrates how Building Transformation’s methods breathe new life, energy and vitality into building skins and cities.


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